Máte-li zájem o nafocení svého projektu a máte pocit, že můj styl je to co hledáte, neváhejte mě kontaktovat. Pomůžu vám transformovat vaší představu do fotografie.

Ilja Mašík

komerční fotograf
ilja.masik (z) gmail.com
+420 608 86 10 86
ič.: 76517659



  1. by Carlos on July 22, 2015  14:27 Reply


    I've seen your drone video in Youtube and it looks great! Congratulations for an excellent job.
    We are an international citizen news wire called Newzulu and we're looking to feature more drone footage for our collection. We are partnered with Getty Images, AFP, PA, among many others. If they buy the content, contributors receive 50% of whatever it sells for. We'd love to feature your Norway drone footage. Please email newsroom@newzulu.com if you are interested and I can give you more information.


    Video Production & Live Streaming Manager
    London Bureau

  2. by Dag Vidar Hopøy on September 9, 2015  08:50 Reply

    I have just seen your footage from Norway 2015 and i think they are magcial!
    I work at a production company and we wonder what the price are for your stocks per item/seconds?
    We are in a production of making a commercial for salmon.

    Dag Vidar Hopøy
    daily manager
    Senior editor
    Parkas Production AS
    Drammensveien 130, inngang B12
    0277 Oslo
    Telefon: 22280760

  3. by David on September 27, 2015  15:35 Reply

    I see your Norway video in youtube; Amazing!!

    Do you know if we need a licence to flight a drone in Norway?

    • by IM on September 27, 2015  15:41 Reply

      Hey, thanks for your message!

      At this time you need license for commercial flying. Check this website:

      • by Jorge on April 6, 2016  17:28 Reply

        Found your web by photos on google. :-D Your work is great! Also the videos and photos from drone. So you have some one global license for commercial usage of your drone? Or you have license for all of this countries? What kind of drone you have? I want to use my drone also for stock photography in Europe this summer but I can't find some license for Europe and there is a difference between countries.

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